Bridesmaid Hair Accessories

Bridesmaid hair should look good as well on your wedding day, typically we want all of them to have a match of everything, from clothes, hairstyle to even bridesmaid hair accessories. But what if your bridesmaid has different hair length, and you still want them to have matching hairstyles? This is where bridesmaid hair accessories comes in. Even thought they have different hair length or color, they could at least have the same accessories.

You may wonder if your bridesmaids would agree to wear them, well they should it’s your wedding. But, if they or you will feel that they would look silly, do not push it. Come with your bridesmaid and let them help you choose the hair accessories that they could wear. This would also be a good time for you to bond with them.

Bridesmaid hair accessories – flowers

Bridesmaid hair accessories doesn’t need to be expensive, if you are worrying about the budget. Fresh flowers are the most inexpensive one. You could just pick flowers from your garden. But the disadvantage is, this might worn out throughout the day. So the second best option is to use artificial flowers instead. Most especially on the big ones. Besides, your bridesmaids may be able to keep them as a souvenir or use them later on.

Also, you can also consider flower pins, flower hairbands and flower combs. Either you can buy the same flower accessory or buy them differently to give each bridesmaid an identity and what suits them best.

If your bridesmaids have an elegant wedding up do, they can just put flowers to accessorize it.

A huge red rose that compliments the red gowns of your bridesmaids. This is an artificial flower pin accessory.

Another flower bridesmaid hair accessory. This time our bridesmaid hair accessory has leaves to compliment the orchids.

Bridesmaid hair accessories – combs

Expect that the bridesmaid accessory combs as a bit pricey most especially if the design is intricate. But if you want to do it go ahead.

A simple bridal comb accessory on the tucked in the ponytail

Bridesmaid hair accessories – pins

Pins such as with flower designs are so cute as bridesmaid accessories. Pins would look good most especially if your bridesmaid has elegant wedding up do. You can pin them, between the curls.

Bridesmaid Hair accessories Pins on the side

Bridesmaid Hair accessories flower Pins in between curls

This is my favorite bridesmaid hair accessory. Braiding the hair then adding pins

Bridesmaid hair accessories – pieces

Bridesmaid hair accessories pieces such as feather could do most especially if you want a whimsical wedding. or you could combine it with flowers.