Maid of Honor Wedding Etiquette

The maid of honor is one of the most important part of wedding ceremony so it is important for her to practice maid of honor wedding etiquette. You play a vital role on the wedding and eyes will be on you. Most of the time, maid of honors are the closest gap pal of the bride. So do practice the maid of honor wedding etiquette to prevent mishaps on the ceremony. After all, a near to perfect wedding is the best gift that you could offer to the bride.

Maid of Honor Wedding Etiquette

As one of the maid of honor wedding etiquette, it is your duty to plan and to host bridal showers. But do consult her beforehand if she is comfortable with the party that you are planning about. You of all people know her best, but remember that she is now getting married and you also have the groom to consider. So your idea of hiring “cops” [you know what i mean] may not be comfortable for her.

Also as a maid of honor wedding etiquette, do take in charge of the wedding gifts and make sure that no gifts would be stolen. Haha! Also, take charge of the guest book and make sure that every wedding guests has sign on it or leave an inspiring message to the newlywed.

On the wedding day, it is a maid of honor wedding etiquette to make sure that the bride’s wedding dress looks good and the train is in place. Also, you are the one who will be holding the bridal bouquet for the bride during the wedding ceremony. Handle it with care. After the wedding, you can get all the flowers one by one, but it in a vase and deliver it to the newlywed’s house. Or you could plant them and send them to the bride. That’s actually what we did for one of our friends. The flowers did grow, but someone stole it. LOL.

If you are single, as a maid of honor wedding etiquette, do not go for guys. You can still be open on meeting up new single men but do not throw yourself and make it your priority. After you make sure that the bride has all she needs, then it’s time for you to mingle. Also, do not create a ugly scene on the wedding. Be graceful.

We often see in movies or television shows, having the maid of honor fool around with the groom. This is a no no. Let the groom know that you are happy for both of them and do not show any hint of flirtations.

Automatically, as a maid of honor wedding etiquette, you will have to make a wedding speech. Do not be overwhelmed by your emotions. I saw one wedding wherein the maid of honor cried so much that she could not be able to talk.

There you go, here of the maid of honor wedding etiquette. Do practice this by heart.