Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

The bride and groom organize a wedding reception to celebrate their happiness with the ones they love. However they want to impress their guests with a one of a kind wedding reception, a party like no other before, a celebration that will amaze every attending guest and that will be a theme for discussions from now on, for much time.

In order to amaze your guests and to have the ultimate wedding reception you need unique wedding reception ideas. For a unique wedding reception try something new, something never done before at weddings (at least not at weddings you have attended). If you want to plan and organize a wedding reception that will blow the mind of your guests, but you do not know how, here we have the best unique wedding reception ideas.

The first step you need to take when planning and organizing a unique wedding reception is to think about what defines you as a couple, what you like and dislike. Investigate your likes and dislikes, your interests and hobbies. This will help unveil your personal style. After discovering your personal style as a couple you can now start to select a theme for the wedding reception.

The theme should totally reflect your style and personality as a couple. Choose a thing that you both like. It could be a hobby you both share, an event you like, a season you adore or a color you love. For example if you both like the color purple, decorate the wedding reception hall with purple elements and ask all your guests to come dressed in purple. A unique wedding reception idea is to choose as a theme a hobby of yours. For example if you both like going to the theater, decorate the reception hall as an old theater. Or if you both are movie and cinema fans you could have a wedding reception with this theme. Decorate the wedding reception hall as a cinema or like the Kodak Theater (the place where the Oscar ceremony is held), use many movie posters and ask all your guests to come dresses up as movie stars.

For a unique wedding reception the venue must also be unique. You can’t have a unique wedding reception in a boring and plane reception hall. Choose unusual places that will match the theme of your wedding reception. For example if you are having a country style wedding have the reception in an old barn. Or you could choose to have a wedding reception in a really unique place like the roof of the highest building in your town.

Think of a crazy place where weddings have never been held. When it comes to wedding favors and wedding decoration, be creative. Use things that you normally wouldn’t use as wedding favors and/or decorations. Unique wedding reception ideas come from unusual places and inspiration. Think outside the box and overcome every boundary and limit and you are guaranteed that your wedding reception will be unique and one of a kind.